Avid traveler and blogger Tom Grond tells us why AlUla is a destination to remember

Avid traveler and blogger Tom Grond tells us why AlUla is a destination to remember

Dreamy and modern, full of discoveries and adventures... This is how Tom Grond describes AlUla after his recent visit to the Kingdom
27 November 23
AlUla according to travel blogger Tom Grond

On his second visit to the Kingdom, Dutch travel blogger Tom Grond toured the neighbourhoods of the ancient city of AlUla for the first time, documenting his journey, activities and stops thoroughly for his followers.

Fascinated by the undeniable and unique energy of AlUla, the ancient city fascinated him with its historical archaeological wonders, the captivating culture and characteristic heritage of Bedouin and Arab sense that is seen in almost every aspect of the city. Although already very well traveled, Tom Grond was nothing short of in-awe of the particular ambiance of the ancient city.

For Grond, digging into the stories and history behind AlUla's hidden gems was fun and felt more like the excitement of an unsolved puzzle - more you get to know about it, the more alluring and intriguing it becomes.

Nomadic History and Culture of AlUla

During this visit, the popular travel blogger encouraged his followers to visit the Kingdom's ancient city of AlUla mentioning that the historic tourist site of AlUla and Hegra, reconnect with nature and sparks a passion for exploration. Grond mentions in particular that any history enthusiasts and nature lovers should visit Al-Ula for its rich heritage and unique natural wonders that are ideal for exploration.

Grond says that his trip to AlUla only encouraged his connection to the region's nomadic history: "I have strengthened my relationship with the land of AlUla, as I define myself as a Bedouin traveler, traveling around the world to get to see people’s connection to human concepts, customs and traditions, but in Al-Ula."

"I was attracted to more than [the historic and archeological sites], the connection between heritage tourism as a concept and the modern world, [this is seen] through the celebration of the arts, wellness, sporting events, music concerts, and many other fun activities and events hosted in the area throughout the year."

Awe-Inspiring Activities in AlUla

The international travel blogger marvelled at the Kingdom's first UNESCO World Heritage site, Hegra, here a series of impressive tombs have been cut and carved into the rock face, and date back more than 2,000 years.

"I'm sure AlUla will never cease to amaze me whenever I visit next, it is the ultimate heritage tourism destination."

Adrenaline junkies visiting AlUla should try hopping on a Buggy or ATV tour, and race through breathtaking desert landscape, getting to places where no other tourists will ever reach.

"My helicopter ride over AlUla was most definitely one of the coolest things I did in AlUla, for around $250 USD, you can fly over the ancient city and see all the amazing historic locations in just 30 minutes."

Or, for one of the most breath-taking opportunities, you can also hop into a hot air balloon and fly over the mesmerising desert landscape of AlUla, an incredible vista. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, visitors can also choose activities such as horse riding or a camel ride.

Don't Forget Old Town AlUla

"I went back in time during my visit to the beautifully preserved AlUla Old Town, which seems like a mix of Bedouin and middle ages style. I marvelled at the huge natural rock formation that resembles an elephant [known locally as Elephant Rock]. I also had the opportunity to visit AlUla Oasis, where I enjoyed relaxing around the serene palm groves and relish this oasis tranquility."

At the Dadan archaeological site, Grond explored the ruins of the ancient Arab civilisation. And, he was intrigued by the juxtapositioning of the modern, mirrored Maraya.

Where to Stay

For places to stay in the area, Grond recommends AlUla's luxury, desert oasis of Habitas, and describes it as his favourite hotel in the region. On his next visit, the travel blogger has pinned the ultra-luxe Banyan Tree AlUla and Masarat's Camp, a desert camp experience to his list for his next visit to AlUla.

“Travel makes me a better person every day I spend on the road. To all adventurers...seize the moment, live now!”

The Kingdom Through Grond's Lense

As a content creator and professional traveller, Grond acknowledges that the Kingdom offers visitors a unique experience: "The Kingdom attracts the most important diverse tourism projects with its vast landscape which encourages spending time in nature and participating in outdoor activities. In terms of ease of movement and exploration, which is an important consideration when travelling ...moving around the Kingdom is far from complicated, and there are many opportunities to go and explore hidden gems of this country."

"I was impressed by the constant welcoming nature and hospitality of the Saudi people and their support and pride of culture of their country, whether in restaurants or in any social, or artistic destination that I have been to; many situations showed me the generosity and kindness of the local people."

"If I would to describe the Kingdom briefly, I believe that it is inspiring in many economic, tourism and social aspects to everyone visiting, and I would definitely want to visit soon to get to know other sides, the green one. I think it will amaze me again!"

"I have enjoyed traditional food such as camel meat, rice, and the delicious, traditional Arabic bread, but something that really caught my attention is the spirit of sharing at the table, as everyone comes together at meal time. Everyone is welcome, friends and strangers - you will be welcomed warmly in the Kingdom!"

TravelTomTom Blog

In his self-named travel blog - TravelTomTom - Tom Grond has offered travel tips and advice to his followers since 2016.

A dream that became a passion, and has since become a successful career path, the travel blogger aspires to visit every country in the world, with his next country on his list being the tropical archipelago of Hawaii.

Sharing his adventures around the world, the associated costs and creating a number of travel guides, Grond advises his followers on the best places to visit, and includes useful information on hotels and interesting activities to do in the area. His passion to inspire and help others has turned into a way of life and an exciting career path, of which many are jealous.

An avid traveller, Grond has been consistently travelling around the world for more than 4000 days, resulting in eleven years of continuous exploration and discovery.

Sharing wanderlust passions, Grond's team at TravelTomTom will also arrange periodic trips for lovers of exploration and discovery through the platform, with a number of trips resuming in 2024.

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