A visual journey of Jeddah through a resident's lens

A visual journey of Jeddah through a resident's lens

Discover a local's perspective, as photographer Sultan Foudah takes us through his Jeddah
28 November 23

Growing up and living in Jeddah has really shaped by photography, from style to subject choices.

Be it a breath-taking waterfront, Al-Balad's historical charm, or world of architectural marvels to found in every neighbourhood - this city is forever inspiring. I love how Jeddah's vivid colours, rich culture, and deep history influences my work. I feel driven to capture the city's spirit and to show its beauty to all.

Seafood Delights

Jeddah's food scene is as diverse as its culture, and honestly, the seafood is something to talk about. You need to try the local fried or grilled fish - don't leave the city without tasting some. It's like getting all of Jeddah's flavours in one bite. Being a busy port city right on the Red Sea, the seafood here is super fresh. There are classic Saudi dishes to try, especially the lambones. Usually served with yoghurt and dates, they are simply delicious.

Desert and Sunset Escapes

When I need a break from the city buzz, I head out to the sand dunes around Jeddah. It's miles of these golden sands - so peaceful and a great way to chill and get back in touch with nature. And if you're after a memorable sunset, the resorts in Obhur have these views that are just unreal, especially Al Murjan Beach Hotel and Resort, Jeddah.

Celebrating Culture

In my photos of Jeddah, I really try to capture that sense of amazement and love for the city. I want people to feel its energy, rich culture, and that special something it has. My goal is to bring people right into the heart of Jeddah through my pictures.

Highlighting Contrasts

You know, out of all the photos I've taken, there is one that really sticks with me. It's this striking image of a shipwreck on the Shuaiba coast. The way the rust-covered Al Fahad wreckage contrasts against the serene blue water kind of shows how nature takes over things. And Shuaiba Beach itself is something else - it's peaceful and has these beautiful islands and clear waters. It's a haven for divers and fishermen, with all the amazing coral reefs and marine life.

Spotlight on Skylines

If you're looking to snap the city's skyline, Jeddah Waterfront is your spot. It's got this stunning coastline, and the view of the Red Sea spectacular. And for the best street shots, head to the Jeddah Corniche. That's where you really feel the city's vibe and see its beauty.

Finding Inspiration

After a long day with my camera, I love heading to Jeddah Corniche. It's the perfect place to relax and recharge. You can take long walks along the scenic waterfront, and the sea breeze and peaceful vibe are just right for unwinding and clearing your head.