A top-tier resort in the Maldives has unveiled a submarine experience

A top-tier resort in the Maldives has unveiled a submarine experience

Guests at the Patina Maldives hotel will now be able to explore the marvels of the Indian Ocean in a two-person submarine
19 December 23
Patina Maldives Submarine

The Maldives has long been an exotic getaway of choice for those living in the Middle East.

Less than six hours from Saudi Arabia on the North Malé Atoll, lie the pristine, aqua blue waters of the Fari Islands. And the Patina Maldives has added a very unique option to its already impressive array of guest experiences – the Ocean Pearl.

In partnership with Dive Butler International, the luxury resort will be offering guests a unique view of the corals and creatures of the Indian Ocean in a petite, bubble submarine. With seats for just two people, this is most definitely an intimate experience, guided by a team of expert submarine pilots to ensuring each journey is a safe and insightful exploration of the ocean.

With its small stature and bubble-like frame, combined with a unique propulsion system, the Ocean Pearl offers guests a 360-degree view and can navigate with agility, allowing close encounters with vibrant coral reefs, exotic sea creatures, and hidden treasures.

This luxurious addition to the activities list not only aims to elevate guests' experience at the resort, but also offers an element of exploration whilst championing marine conservation efforts across the Maldives and its surrounding regions. Guided by these marine experts, guests can engage in data collection and contribute to ongoing research efforts.

Ocean Pearl submarine experiences begin at approximately USD2,500 per hour