4 visa-free bucketlist destinations for 2024

4 visa-free bucketlist destinations for 2024

With many countries now offering visa-free or easy e-visa access for Saudis, there are so many new, interesting and intriguing destinations to visit
27 December 23
No Visa Needed: Bucketlist Destinations from Saudi

Travel enthusiasts, a new year ahead means it's time to plan trips to some fantastic destinations.

These aren't just any destinations, but perhaps destinations that might not have crossed you mind, and are now even easier to travel to for Saudi passport holders and residents.

From serene beaches and bustling cities to wild safaris and cosy countryside escapes, these vibrant, diverse, and downright fascinating locations should be on your travel bucketlist for 2024 - especially as travel to these destinations is easier than ever.


Visa Free Entry from 2023

Flight Time from Riyadh: 7 hours (direct)
Flight Time from Jeddah: 7 hours 45 mins (direct)

Known for its warm hospitality and vibrant cultural heritage, Thailand offers a mix of bustling cities and serene landscapes. A Southeast Asian gem, Thailand boasts ornate temples, vibrant street markets, and stunning tropical beaches and islands, with much to discover from the bustling streets and floating markets of Bangkok to the serene beauty of Chiang Mai's temples and the idyllic islands of Koh Lipe, Koh PhiPhi and beyond, Thailand captivates visitors from first glimpse.

Where to Stay:

City Gem: Anantara Siam Bangkok, @anantarasiambangkok
Exotic Escape: Four Season Koh Samui, @fskohsamui
Ultra Luxe Retreat: Amapuri, Phuket, @aman

Must Visit:
Beach lovers and film buffs will love Maya Bay. A picturesque aqua blue beach ringed by sheer cliffs on Ko Phi Phi Leh island famed for featuring in Leonardo Di Caprio's 2000, The Beach


Visa Free Entry when flying direct from or via UK / Northern Ireland

Flight Time from Riyadh: 10 hours (with connections)
Flight Time from Jeddah: 10 hours (with connections)

Lush landscapes meet rugged coastlines, a plethora of ancient monuments and sites of recent history, is island of Ireland is undeniably enchanting. Ireland's charm lies in its breathtaking scenery, the dramatic Cliffs of Moher and heritage woven into local history. Find a familiar comfort in the warm embrace of the locals, making for an inviting and unforgettable experience for first time and even return travellers.

Where to Stay:

City Centre Gem: The Merrion Hotel, Dublin, @merrionhotel
Country Escape: Cashel Palace, Tipperary, @cashelpalace

Must Book Restaurant:
Michael's of Mount Merrion: An under-rated restaurant tucked away in the suburbs of Dublin, this is where fine dining, fresh seafood and the highest quality local beef meets casual dining. @michaels_dublin


Visa Free Entry from June 1, 2023

Flight Time from Riyadh: 11 hours (with connections)
Flight Time from Jeddah: 9 hours (direct)

Singapore, a relatively small yet bustling island city-state at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, harmonises modernity with deep cultural heritage, and international links. Renowned for its futuristic skyline, vibrant street food scene - some street hawkers have even been awarded Michelin stars, the state is a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions. From the iconic Marina Bay Sands to the lush and futuristic Gardens by the Bay, Singapore blends innovation and tradition seamlessly, offering a unique experience for visitors.

Where to Stay:

City Gem: Raffles Hotel Singapore, @raffleshotelsingapore
Exotic Escape: W Singapore - Sentosa Cove, @wsingapore

Must Book Restaurant:
Burnt Ends: A recently awarded one-Michelin star, modern bbq, casual dining experience


Visa Free Entry from 2024

Flight Time from Riyadh: 4 hours 20 minutes (with connections)
Flight Time from Jeddah: 3 hours 45 mins (direct)

Kenya on the eastern coast of Africa, captivates visitors with its diverse landscapes; from the savannahs teeming with wildlife to lush forests and stunning coastline, with a surprising array of exotic beachscapes. The country is renowned for its rich cultural history, and over 40 ethnic groups, each with its distinct traditions and languages. The iconic Maasai Mara National Reserve draws travellers worldwide for unforgettable safaris amidst the awe-inspiring migration of wildebeests and zebras.

Where to Stay:

Immersive Escape: The Giraffe Manor, @thegiraffemanor
Safari Haven: Ololo Lodge, @ololo_lodge

Must Visit:
Kenya's Maasai Mara Nature Reserve: Catch a glimpse of the The Big Five in the unending Kenyan wilderness