The List: All the projects announced for Gulf of Aqaba

The List: All the projects announced for Gulf of Aqaba

03 January 24

Sitting to the northeast of the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba carves its way between Saudi Arabia and the Sinai Peninsula and the region is set to become a hub of mega-projects in the Kingdom.

Stretching 110 miles or 177km along the coastline, the transformation of the Gulf of Aqaba will embrace the natural surrounds of sheer rock face, naturally occurring secluded inlets and expansive views.

Let's take a look at the recently announced hotels and unique destinations planned for the region:


An architectural masterpiece, Epicon will be one of the region's most impactful and futuristic projects.

Featuring two impressive, glistening towers, standing at heights of 225 meters and 275 meters respectively, Epicon will house an ultra-premium hotel comprising 41 rooms and luxurious private residences. The adjacent Epicon resort, will stretches to the coastline, and is planned to have 120 rooms and 45 exquisite beach villas.

Crafted as a portal to the future, despite its striking and severe exterior, Epicon plans to offer visitors an escape from the daily pressures of life. Guests and residents can unwind at the beach club, indulge in personalised spa treatments, explore the natural surroundings, participate in various water sport activities, and savour exceptional culinary experiences that are planned for the destination.


This development is expected to begin on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba and extend inland, and will be nestled within a valley, between 400-meter-high mountains. Pivoting on a focus of health, wellness, rejuvenation and the natural environment, Leyja will offer guests a selection of outdoor activities alongside lavish spa and dining experiences.

Internationally renowned luxury hotel group, Habitas have confirmed that Leyja's three hospitality destinations will include 120 rooms and suites, these hotels will also feature exclusive dining experiences, luxury retail, wellness spa and infinity-pool encounters. And, the boutique hotels will be accessible by both road and air.

An enchanting, sustainable escape, Leyja is set to balance the natural landscape with opulent accommodation and experiences amidst a dramatic canyon.

A closer look at the boutique Habitas hotels confirmed for Leyja


In the near future local and international travellers will be able to discover a brand new coastal, wellness destination - Norlana. Confirmed in December 2023, Norlana will be a purpose-built yachting port, and is expected to rival those of the well-known luxury marinas of the Mediterranean.

Alongside a top-of-the-range marina development that will include 120 berths, the Norlana destination will also centre around two indulgent hotels alongside plans for other luxury amenities such as an 18-hole golf course, an equestrian club and a tennis club. Similar to other destinations in the region, the Norlana escape will also include a selection of residences including 700 apartments.


Announced in November of 2023, the region's newest development, Siranna, a boutique hotel that will take on an interesting character consisting of a series of stepped, hexagonal buildings.

The impressive structure will embrace the valley in which it will be located, and the facade is set to mimic the unique features of tumbling natural basalt rock formations found in the Giant's Causeway of Ireland, and the Devils Postpile in California.

Accessible only by water, the tranquil and secluded Siranna will straddle the mountains, nearby wadi and the coastline, and guests will enjoy a backdrop of the natural cliff face. Perched on the coastline of the Red Sea, the ultra-luxe Siranna will feature just 65 suites and rooms, and 35 residences.

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Utamo will be a dynamic, immersive experience where nature converges with state-of-the-art technology, crafting a groundbreaking theatre concept.

Visitors will stroll through a stunning garden promenade, ultimately arriving at a grand hall set to showcase unparalleled, multi-sensory performances by the globe's most esteemed artists. Central to the new arts and culture destination will be the expansive garden promenade, it will be adorned with over 50 varieties of shrubs, herbs, and flowers, leading them towards the grand hall.

The grandeur of the 64-meter-high entrance serves as a magnificent prelude, encapsulating the essence of artistry and design that anticipates the captivating experiences within.

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