Immerse yourself in a wildlife safari just one hour from Riyadh

Immerse yourself in a wildlife safari just one hour from Riyadh

Discover the world of safari in a hidden destination in the city of Riyadh, and enjoy an unforgettable wilderness experience at Nofa Riyadh
08 January 24
Nofa Riyadh Resort, a Radisson Collection: Safari Experience

If you suffer from the woes of the fast pace of daily life; the stifling crowds, and the non-stop WhatsApp and email messages, then perhaps it is time to take a short break for a few hours away from the responsibilities and pressures.

Just one hour from Riyadh city, enter a whole new world and experience a safari at Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort.

Although many may think that to have an authentic safari experience, one is required to travel to an African, but you can now experience this in the city of Riyadh - no international flights needed!

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It seems that November, December, January and February are the most suitable months for such an experience. As soon as you enter the outer gate of the Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort, you will be in awe of the vast green spaces on both sides of the road, before crossing a bridge over a giant lake that will connect you to the main entrance of the resort.

A number of open-top safari vehicles have been specially modified for the purpose of taking visitors on safari. Experienced drivers will then take you on a trip across the resort's private reserve. The reserve on which Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort is located has many wild animals in their natural habitat, or conditions that are similar to their native lands.

Here visitors will see Arabian ibex, different species of deer, wild buffalo, and even giraffes and hippos, in addition to more than eighteen species of wildlife and animals that you will not have the opportunity to see in other areas of the Kingdom.

What most distinguishes the safari experience is observing the behavior of the animal in its natural environment, how it moves, and how it behaves when you approach it, and this is what forms the essence of this experience, which is completely different from watching animals in the zoo. In addition to all of this, you will be dazzled by the sunset behind the sand dunes, making your experience unforgettable.

From SAR150
Riyadh-Makkah Highway, Riyadh, 66223 
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