St Regis Red Sea: Secluded island resort welcomes first guests

St Regis Red Sea: Secluded island resort welcomes first guests

Accessible by private boat or sea-plane transfer, the much anticipated island escape is now officially open to the public
09 January 24

With the first guests with bookings are checking in to the St Regis Red Sea this week, meaning that this paradisiacal five-star resort is officially open.

Guests will be able to relish a number of lavish accommodation options, ranging from the sumptuous and secluded beachfront villas with up to four guest rooms, each of these villas are complete with private pool and sun-soaked deck, to the indulgent, opulent overwater bungalows that offer awe-inspiring vistas of the Red Sea.

The St Regis Red Sea resort is set on Ummahat Island, this is one island of the secluded archipelago that borders the Blue Hole atoll off the coast of Red Sea. This 90-room exclusive resort is perfect for those longing for serene views of the region's natural surroundings.

Conceived and crafted by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the St Regis Red Sea offers guests an immersive and idyllic escape into tranquility. Executing the design elements that Kuma is most well known for — 'the use of natural materials to create contemporary spaces that enrich the connection between architecture, the natural world and local communities'.

The modern clean lines of the perfectly designed villas and main buildings juxtapose the use of more rustic, natural and even woven raw materials that are used in both the interior decor and the exterior build, to create a unique, modern look that balances the homely and natural with the ultra-luxe and exuberant without missing a beat.

To maintain the utmost exclusivity and indulgent seclusion, the island resort is only accessible to guests by privately chartered boat or by seaplane: the St Regis Red Sea resort is the first of two exclusive escapes to open on the the island, the other resort Nujuma, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve is expected to open this year.

In October, Ummahat Island was granted Saudi Arabia's first license for an aqua aerodrome.

Expected to host a number of floating sea-planes, the yet-to-be-named aquatic aerodrome will be designed to achieve a unique harmony between modern aviation and access with the natural marine environment. The boutique travel hub will be a base for visitors to the region wishing to transfer by air from the region's newly opened Red Sea International Airport to the idyllic escape of the luxury resorts on the Ummahat Islands.