NEOM Newest Project: A floating marina with subterranean, meta-centric community hidden in the mountains

NEOM Newest Project: A floating marina with subterranean, meta-centric community hidden in the mountains

Aquellum is a series of conflicting ideas, but is set to become a real life destination as NEOM announce the next major project for the Gulf of Aqaba region
11 January 24
Aquellum, Neom: Gulf of Aqaba

Avantgarde. Innovative. Revolutionary. Futuristic. Pioneering.

When it comes to groundbreaking and forward-thinking projects, Saudi Arabia stands at the forefront. Undeniably adept at turning the seemingly impossible into reality, the Kingdom has made tremendous strides in advancing international architectural and engineering possibilities and standards to defy any and all expectations. The Kingdom's commitment to pushing boundaries serves as a catalyst for encouraging more futuristic and innovative projects on a global scale.

The Gulf of Aqaba is already the location of a number of highly publicised mega-projects including, Epicon, Leyja, Norlana, Siranna and Utamo.

And now another, new mega-project has been announced for NEOM in the Gulf of Aqaba: Aquellum.

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Unlike any other project in the Kingdom, Aquellum will be a series of contradictions that seem almost impossible to align - yet under the guidance of the best architectural and construction teams in world, will be a remarkable addition to the nation.

The new, futuristic community destination is estimated to cost $500bn to construct and develop, and will be located in the mountains of the NEOM's Gulf of Aqaba region, yet be floating in a reservoir whilst boasting a unique underground element.

Set to be a groundbreaking luxury escape, hidden within the mountains of northwest Saudi Arabia, this avant-garde and unusual addition to the Kingdom's line up of futuristic developments will be characterised by its integration of cutting-edge technology, futuristic architecture, and innovative concepts, offering guests (and future residents) a glimpse into the metaverse or futuristic living through trail-blazing innovation and development.

Similar to The Line, Aquellum will introduce future visitors and residents to a vertical experience focussed on community and developing an innovative eco-system that will combine the ultra-luxe with nature creating a unique sensory journey in a relatively insulated space.

Hidden in a mountainous oasis along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline protected by a 450-meter-high mountain range, Aquellum will offer the region a harmonious, futuristic and digital-focussed ecosystem that seamlessly blends into the region's natural surroundings. Once again, a futuristic mega-project that will push the boundaries and blur the lines of of conventional design and construction with the natural environment in which the project will sit.

Aquelleum will be split into two parts - a subterranean land base that will be linked by underwater or below ground canalway to a free-floating marina in an oasis of water surrounded by the mountains of the Gulf of Aqaba.

A relatively hidden destination, getting to Aquellum will be an interesting journey in itself, as first visitors must journey to the exterior of the community hub which is mainly housed below ground, which then leads to what is said to be the world's first floating marina. Visitors will travel to the marina on a specially designed vessel, through a concealed underground canal.

Once inside, guests encounter a remarkable open courtyard space beneath ground with a lattice styled design that allows light to flow into the depths of the hub below. Guests will be welcomed to the 100-metre vertical experience of the main land base which will house the main area of the subterranean hub. It is here where visitors will find an array of hotel accommodations and apartments, alongside retail spaces, leisure and entertainment zones, and digitalised innovation centres that will create a unique vibrancy and interconnectivity within the Aquellum destination.

'The Generator,' will be a signature space, hosting unique research labs for digital disruptors, innovators, and creative thinkers, providing a platform to reimagine the future.

A walkway will wind below the open-air space through the courtyard, connecting various social spaces, world-class hospitality location, immersive arts and events spaces, alongside both shopping and dining experiences. An interesting omnidirectional internal transit system — a transport system that travels both up and down, and left and right — similar to those seen in the Harry Potter series will allow for easy access to upper floors, facilitating transport to rooftop gardens with breathtaking coastal views