Discover Desert Opulence: 5 exciting hotels set to grace AlUla soon

Discover Desert Opulence: 5 exciting hotels set to grace AlUla soon

AlUla, the jewel of Saudi Arabia, prepares to welcome a wave of luxurious accommodations, each resort promising unparalleled blend of heritage, modernity, and comfort in their own unique way
15 January 24
Azulik AlUla

AlUla is one of Saudi Arabia's most beloved desert destinations, captivating tourists and locals alike.

The allure of AlUla lies in its intricately woven existence, the desert location sitting just inland of Saudi's western edge presents a rich tapestry of Nabataean heritage and globally recognised historical sites with ritzy, modern must-haves and opulent destination escapes.

Ultimately, AlUla has emerged as a much sought-after destination for those in pursuit balance; visitors will find a harmonious blend of tranquility, sunshine, culture and moments of self-reflection, all accompanied by breathtaking panoramic views, a dash of ancient history and a display of the arts.

And a new tranche of opulent desert getaways (undoubtedly to be paired with upscale dining venues) are set to immerse themselves in the expanse of AlUla.

Aman AlUla

Aman is a renowned luxury hotel and resort chain celebrated for its exquisite properties situated in some of the world's most captivating destinations (including the famed celebrity getaway destination, Amangiri). With a commitment to providing unparalleled experiences, Aman resorts are synonymous with opulence, offering guests a harmonious blend of exceptional service, breathtaking natural surroundings, and meticulously designed escapes.

In partnership with the RCU, Aman AlUla will offer guests three distinct, luxury experiences, from an ultra-luxurious desert retreat, to a tented wellness escape and a ranch-style sanctuary, the exciting developments are already in the works.

The main resort is expected to open in 2025, this opening will be followed by the tented wellness escape in 2026. Whilst the ranch-inspired destination will be under Aman sister wellness brand, Janu, is slated to open in 2027.


Azulik AlUla Resort

Scheduled to debut in AlUla by 2027, Azulik AlUla will feature 76 luxurious villas with six distinct grades or standards, will be positioned against the panoramic canvas of AlUla's red sands, sheer rock faces and ancient heritage sites.

The deluxe Mexican hospitality brand found viral fame amongst travellers via social media (and now have over 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone), will focus reconnection through combining an eco-conscious ethos with transformative architectural creations inspired by the natural surrounds of the AlUla region.

The resort will boast a spa, a welcoming lounge, and an all-day dining restaurant, alongside the Sfer Ik museum, a contemporary art space inspired by nature, that will enchant guests with a unique fusion of world-class artistry seamlessly intertwined with the natural splendours of the region.

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The Chedi Hegra, AlUla

Luxury hotel brand, Chedi, is set to open an opulent, boutique-style hotel close to the historical site of Hegra.

Paying homage to the local area, the hotel will be built into existing structures such as an unused railway station and areas inside the Hegra Fort. The venue's interiors are set to be simple and uncomplicated, yet in line with the brand will ensure that all guests feel they're in luxurious surroundings, as the hotel aims to enhance and recognise the beauty of the original buildings and the natural surroundings.

The Chedi Hegra will be a welcome and interesting addition to the AlUla region, and with just thirty-five rooms is set to become a sought after stay in the area. The immersive destination getaway will also
include three exquisite dining establishments, a spa, alongside an outdoor pool area with unmatched views, resulting in a haven for travellers in search of both luxury and adventure.

Initially slated for a December 2023 opening, we are optimistic that The Chedi Hegra will unveil its luxurious offerings in the first quarter of 2024.

Dar Tantora by The House Hotel, Old Town AlUla

Offering an immersive and authentic experience of Saudi hospitality, Dar Tantora by The House Hotel will open in AlUla’s Old Town area.

Expected to open in 2024, the unique hotel will transform the traditional mud-brick buildings of the Old Town area into a thirty key boutique accommodation. The decor and interiors will be representative of those used in traditional homes, and a team of local, trained craftsmen and artisans will be involved in the design, build and restoration of these buildings.

With a pool, a luxe destination spa and a vibrant restaurant, Dar Tantora is set to ooze opulence alongside the simplicity of traditional living, embracing the new alongside enhancing and complementing the old.

Sharaan by Jean Nouvel

Originally slated to open in July of 2023, Sharaan by Jean-Nouvel is expected to open in the first half of this year. As the name might suggest, this resort will be designed by world renowned French architect Jean Nouvel, the man behind the design of Louvre Abu Dhabi and the National Museum of Qatar.

Hidden and built into rock face, the resort will feature a series of carved cavernous rooms with chipped stone details to allow natural light seep in. To be located in the Sharaan Nature Reserve, the resort will pivot on embracing the beauty and strength of the natural rock, utilising the rock itself in the the hotel's design, which is said to be inspired by the Nabatean carvings of AlUla and the imposing yet intricate details of the famed UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra.