A New Wave of Travel: Icon of the Seas is elevating cruise experiences, and inspiring passengers to stay on board

A New Wave of Travel: Icon of the Seas is elevating cruise experiences, and inspiring passengers to stay on board

Creating more and more reasons not to leave the ship to explore, the largest cruise ship in the world is changing the landscape of cruising and holidays
23 January 24
World's Largest Cruise Ship: Icon of the Seas

Inaugurated by football legend Lionel Messi, Royal Caribbean's brand new cruise ship is breaking records and paving the way for travel trends, before it even sets sail on its first official voyage.

Sitting in Miami Port ahead of setting sail for the first time this week, the brand-new Icon of the Seas cruise ship will be home to more 2200 staff members in various capacities, and will host up to 7500 passengers, over 19 decks and in more than 2800 cabins.

Considered an 'all-in-one' holiday that allows for deluxe travel of exciting destinations without the hassle of booking separate flights and accommodation options, cruises have long been a popular choice for families, adventure seekers and seniors alike.

But, the arrival of the Icon of the Seas cruise ship has ushered in a new era in the cruise holiday industry; encouraging passengers to rethink traditional port excursions and revel in the unparalleled offerings available on board.

Not only is the Icon of the Seas the largest cruise ship to ever set sail, the ship has state-of-the-art facilities and seemingly endless dining options and top-class amenities that rival those currently transversing the high seas, and equally rivalling the options available to passengers at port.

Passengers could now be choosing to stay on board, drawn by the allure of thrilling activities, from immersive virtual reality adventures to exclusive culinary events, alongside ultra-luxe relaxation options. The Icon of the Seas is redefining the cruising landscape.

This potential future shift could not only enhance the overall cruise experience for passengers but also mark a significant departure from conventional cruise itineraries of the future, setting a precedent for a more indulgent and leisure-focused approach to sea travel. As the Icon of the Seas continues to captivate traveller, it stands as a beacon of change, transforming the expectations and possibilities of cruise holidays for years to come.

With more than 40 dining experiences from casual options such as the Rye + Beans coffee shop perched in the ship's Central Park green space, a swim up bar and Surf Side Bites to more elevated surf'n'turf and inspiring hibachi options, to fine dining experiences - and even dinner with the captain at the Empire Supper Club. So, why leave the ship?

Embracing wellness as both a form of entertainment and personal pampering, the ship has a luxury spa, gymnasium, 7 swimming pools, 9 plunge and whirlpools - including the world's largest pool at sea, holding a total of more than 40,000 gallons of water, and The Hideaway which is the location of the first suspended, infinity pool.

Thrill seekers will find more than five different waterslides, a hair-raising obstacle course that dangles off the side of the ship, an edge of the world skywalk and a flow rider, surf simulator.

Those looking for more traditional forms of on-board entertainment will find an array of performances taking place at the AquaDome including a shape-shifting water show, and an ice-skating spectacular at Absolute Zero alongside theatrical productions of the Wizard of Oz and more.

The night life onboard is likely to be more vibey than anything on-shore with 15 different venues for late night gallivanting, including a piano bar, a darts dive, karaoke den, a jazz and blues hideaway and many other sports and live music venues.

Taking all of this into account, staying on the cruise ship becomes a very compelling choice for an all-encompassing and immersive vacation experience, despite where the ship docks...

The Icon of the Seas is also the home of one very special permanent staff member, Chief Dog Officer, Rover. The golden retriever even has his own Instagram account.

Estimated to have cost a staggering USD$2 billion, the new cruise ship will navigate well-trodden routes around the Caribbean, offering travellers a choice between two round-trip itineraries. With a gross tonnage of almost 250,000, the Icon of the Seas ship boasts a length of 365 metres and width of 65 metres, covering an area the same length as 15 Wimbledon championship tennis courts or 3.5 premier league football pitch.

Both the eastern or western Caribbean routes begin and end in Florida's eclectic Miami Port, and dependent on the chosen cruise will visit a number of tropical destinations such as Mexico's Cozumel Island and Costa Maya, and island escapes like St. Kitts, St. Maarten, the US Virgin Islands, and Royal Caribbean's private island, Coco Bay in the Bahamas.

But, with an incredible array of on-board activities and an office ship dog, is there really a reason to leave the ship anymore?

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