Terhabb Cottages: Where nature meets luxury in the Asir mountains

Terhabb Cottages: Where nature meets luxury in the Asir mountains

With unending mountainscape views of Abha Terhabb Cottages weave modern comforts with traditional Bedouin aesthetics and culture
24 January 24
Terhabb Cottages Asir

Breathe in the air of solitude as you leave the city behind and approach a place where luxury intertwines with nature.

Terhabb Cottages is located high in the peaceful expanse of Asir’s mountainous terrain, an exceptional address in Abha that blends the raw beauty of nature with contemporary architecture. Each of its properties has been thoughtfully designed; a cluster of modern cottages inspired by traditional Bedouin aesthetics. The palette of the space is all about earthy tones, mirroring the colours of the surrounding landscape.

The journey from Abha’s city centre to Terhabb is as captivating as the destination itself. Upon arrival, you are greeted by an even more breathtaking view of the land below and around, and as night falls, the sky transforms into a celestial canvas, perfect for stargazing.

The Accommodation

Tentlike in shape, each Terhabb cottage is a masterpiece, and comfort was clearly a priority in the design process. Interiors feature minimalist decor and ornate textiles. The rooms are spacious and airy, with large windows that bring the garden and surrounding mountains into your living quarters. And to ensure a comfortable stay, each space features all the modern amenities you need.

Sunset Charm

Although perfect throughout the day, the most exceptional time to really soak in Terhabb’s charm is as the sun descends. Its mountain views are unmatched and pair well with its other offerings – restaurants, a café, and live shows. With a comfortable outdoor setting, this is the ideal spot for lounging about with friends, indulging in local delicacies, or just stargazing while oud music plays in the background.

Terhabb Market

Winding down isn’t the only thing on the menu at Terhabb; there’s a market onsite, ensuring you have all conveniences within reach. Terhabb Market is home to many stores and Saudi brands, allowing you to immerse yourself into the culture of the region and pick up a couple of souvenirs along the way. There are also local eateries originating from Abha, embodying that authentic Asiri spirit.

Terhabb Theatre

Terhabb offers a rich programme of shows and events, with most taking place in its theatre. From singing to performances and shows, evenings here are not to be missed. The evening lineup often features songs from Saudi’s southern region, completing your cultural experience.

Family Fun

If you’re looking for a family-friendly address, Terhabb is it, welcoming guests of all ages with a range of exciting activities and amenities. In fact, there’s a dedicated area for children with activities and games for the little ones – and those young at heart – to enjoy.

To truly take in all that Terhabb has to offer, you have to experience it for yourself. Whether you seek a peaceful retreat or a fun escape for the family, this destination offers an experience that is both plush and connected to nature – a blend of calm, adventure, culinary experiences, and cultural immersion.

Abu Huraira Rd, Abha 62582