The Rig: A modern entertainment destination pivoting on the Kingdom's rich history with the oil industry

The Rig: A modern entertainment destination pivoting on the Kingdom's rich history with the oil industry

The project goes beyond typical adventure tourism by weaving in the Kingdom's rich oil and gas heritage, creating a unique and exceptional experience in an unexpected location
31 January 24
The Rig: Hospitality & Entertainment Destination, Saudi Image source: provided

Positioned as a unique adventure tourism destination, THE RIG is set to bring something new and interesting to add to the Kingdom's wide array of sea sports and entertainment experiences, and off-beat hospitality destinations.

Inspired by the design of offshore oil platforms, the new adventure entertainment destination will quite literally pivot on Saudi Arabia's rich history with oil and gas. Sitting overwater, the massive, multi-structure platformed development will be given a typical oil rig industrial feel with the use of large metal beams to create the construction.

THE RIG will be developed in collaboration with the Oil Park Development Company (OPDC), and will align with the nation's Vision 2030 plan, focussing on the growth of Saudi's tourism sector, alongside the creation of employment opportunities and the diversification of the economy.

Set to span over 300,000 square metres, the overwater, offshore platform will be located approximately 40km from the coastline, near Al Juraid Island and Berri Oil Field in the Arabian Gulf. The project aims to draw over 900,000 annual visitors by 2032, and will cater to a diverse audience, including adrenaline seekers, explorers and holidaymakers.

Although one of the aims of the leisure and entertainment destination is to diversify the economy's reliance on the oil and gas industry, THE RIG will quite literally pivot on the industry's foundations.

Three hotels are set to be on-site, with 800 rooms available for those wishing to make the most of the unique escape. With this in mind, in addition to a luxury marina area, more than ten dining destinations, an array of water sport activities alongside several amusement parks and adventure centres, and of course a selection of indoor entertainment activities, THE RIG aims to be an all-in-one vacation location for both locals and international travellers.

Similar to those working on off-shore oil rigs, THE RIG will only be accessible via ferry or by helicopter.
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