The Red Sea has a new permanent resident - a beach cleaning robot

The Red Sea has a new permanent resident - a beach cleaning robot

Picking up rubbish and sifting for micro-plastics that may be left behind in the sand by humans, this robot will aim to ensure a clean beach and local environment protected
01 February 24
Red Sea: Beach Cleaning Robot Image source: IG: RedSeaGlobal

The Red Sea region is set to become the Kingdom's haven for eco-tourism.

A sun-filled destination on the western coastline of Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Project covers an area of over 28,000 square kilometres of coastal and desert areas, including almost 100 islands and an unknown number of jaw-dropping blue hole atolls.

Pivoting on responsible and sustainable tourism, The Red Sea Project aims to preserve and enhance the local community and natural environment, whilst also offering visitors transformative and indulgent experiences in a wide variety of luxury resort escapes, and through a number of activities and hands-on projects.

The Red Sea will be serviced by the brand new Red Sea International Airport, and has been the first location in Saudi Arabia to be granted a license for an aquatic aerodrome and a fleet of water-planes. The region is expected to become a popular destination for exclusive escapes and a paradise for those hoping to get a little closer to nature, and with this in mind the area will marry several pillars of the nation's Vision 2030 plan: encouraging international and local tourism to the Kingdom, creating new jobs and as the entire area (inclusive of hotels) is set to be powered by renewable energy, The Red Sea will also support the nation's move towards more sustainable energy consumption.

With this in mind, the region has welcomed its first permanent resident, an electric powered beach robot that is set to clean up and ensure that the beaches of the Red Sea are left the way they should be: clean and free from harmful human rubbish.

The yet-to-be-named robot is remote controlled, and has the ability to clean up to 3,000 square metres in just one hour. The statement also mentioned that the beach cleaning robot "...efficiently sifts and collects plastic waste and debris, identifying items as small as 1 square centimetre...".

Although 50 opulent resorts are set to open in the region in the coming years, two of these resorts have already welcomed the first guests to the the area. Each resort offering guests a different experience: the St Regis Red Sea Resort is set on Ummahat Island, and is offering visitors a paradisiacal, beach side escape, whilst the Six Senses Southern Dunes sits inland and is ideal for those seeking an ultra-luxe desert camp experience nestled within one of the Kingdom's most incredible vistas.