Japan will welcome digital nomads with the launch of a new visa

Japan will welcome digital nomads with the launch of a new visa

Expected to come into circulation in March, this new visa aims to welcome skilled workers looking for a new Zoom backdrop and a new country to explore
07 February 24
Japan to introduce a new digital nomad visa Image source: Unsplash: Jezael Melgoza

With the increasing flexibility of day-to-day working life, and the international embracing of remote work arrangements, the possibility of combining work with exploration has become more achievable than ever before.

So, whether you work for yourself, or your company allows you have freedom of location, and you've had Japan on your travel bucket list — this could be the announcement you've been waiting for.

According to the Japan Times, it was confirmed by the nation's Immigration Services Agency (ISA) in late January, Japan will be the next country to encourage medium-term visits from professionals with the introductions of a brand-new digital nomad visa.

The phrase 'digital nomad' refers to individuals who (usually) leverage technology to work remotely while traveling, giving them the opportunity to continue to work whilst living a location-independent lifestyle. Often working online or for themselves, digital nomads have the flexibility to explore different places and cultures while also maintaining their careers.

Expected to be launched in March, this new visa type will come with several criteria that will need to be achieved in order for applicants to qualify.

Although the visa will extend to cover the applicant's dependents and spouse, a minimum earning threshold has been implemented, and applicants must be able to prove an annual income of ¥10 million or USD$68,300.

Applicants must also have their own privately-held medical or health insurance policies whilst availing of this visa, and this must also extend to include coverage for the applicants' spouse or dependents who will be travelling with them.

In addition to these considerations, this new visa will only be available to digital nomads or self-employed professionals from 49 selected nationalities or passport holders. The eligible counties and territories are those that have already entered into a tax treaty or travel policy with Japan, this includes any EU member state (of which there are now 27), the United Kingdom, South Korea, the United States of America, Australia, Singapore and more.

This new digital nomad visa will double the the existing 90-day visa already available to citizens and passport holders of these linked countries. However, following the completion of the digital nomad visa, applicants must then stay out of the country for 6 months in order to reapply for the scheme: this is so as to encourage medium-term stays, rather than an entry route for residency.

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