Experience Timelessness in a Time Capsule: 3 luxury hotels open in the historical heart of Jeddah

Experience Timelessness in a Time Capsule: 3 luxury hotels open in the historical heart of Jeddah

These new openings mark the initial phase of a larger, comprehensive redevelopment plan for Jeddah's historic district of Al Balad
05 March 24
Beit Jokhdar: Al Balad, Jeddah Image source: IG: jeddahalbalad.sa

Jeddah's Al Balad district is a treasure trove of heritage.

Renowned for its well-preserved traditional architecture and bustling souks, Al Balad is recognised as UNESCO Heritage Area and stands out as a historic district celebrated for its traditional charm, winding alleys, welcoming locals and offers visitors a window into the city's deep-rooted traditions and cultural legacy.

And, what better location for a hotel to open, and offer visitors from near and far an opportunity to truly experience the culture, history and heritage of the Kingdom?

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Al Balad Development Company, the Jeddah Historic District Program has welcomed the opening of three heritage hotels. Each of these properties — Beit Jokhdar, Beit Al-Rayess, and Beit Kedwan — will offer guests a modern twist on traditional design; embracing, preserving and maintaining the historic craftsmanship and styling, both inside and outside.

This restoration programme is part of a wider project to revitalise, restore and reclaim more than 600 historic buildings in the Al Balad district, with 34 of these selected to be transformed into boutique hotel destinations.

As these are the first three heritage hotels to open in the area, it is evident that they have been selected as each location exhibits a unique architectural style, emphasising the buildings' historical and aesthetic significance.

The three locations have been restored with utmost care and attention to detail, these hotels reflect the district's architectural splendour, and of course, adhering to international standards and UNESCO guidelines whilst also offering guests a luxurious, heritage-filled stay.

Beit Al-Rayes

Each room at the Beit Al-Rayes location, will offer views that overlook the reimagined and restored courtyard below, and this presents guests with a glimpse into the history of the hotel. Similar to other locations, Beit Al-Rayes has been designed to showcase modern luxury through appropriately curated interior design selections.

Beit Jokhdar

With the largest roshan window (large, ornate wooden balcony) in Jeddah, and it is this detail that sets Beit Jokhdar apart from the other two destinations in the Al Balad district. A boutique location with just has nine rooms and suites, Beit Jokhdar is designed to embrace is original, traditional charm whilst offering the most luxuriously appointed rooms adorned with distinctive elements like plaster decorations, arches, and stained glass.

Beit Kedwan

Beit Kedwan is located opposite the yet-to-be-opened Beit Nassif, and has a prime location near Naseef Square. This heritage building is distinguished by its wooden rawasheen windows (large, protruding windows or balconies typical of those found in western Saudi architecture) and mashrabiyyas (windows or balconies enclosed with carved wood latticework usually found on the upper floors of a building).

Managed by Albalad Hospitality, these hotels promise authentic experiences steeped in Jeddah's rich heritage, inviting travellers to immerse themselves in the history and tradition of the local region.

All images via @jeddahalbalad.sa