Four Seasons adds to the allure of AMAALA as a haven for wellness

Four Seasons adds to the allure of AMAALA as a haven for wellness

The newly announced Four Seasons Resort and Residences AMAALA is set to redefine wellness on the edges of the Red Sea
08 March 24
Four Seasons Resort and Residences AMAALA at Triple Bay Image source: Provided

As the Kingdom actively looks to increase tourism numbers, and to attract visitors from both at home and abroad, a number of high-profile hospitality groups have confirmed they will open locations across the nation.

The growth isn't limited to the hospitality sector alone; the surge in demand for exclusive and indulgent wellness experiences has propelled the rise of wellness tourism in the Kingdom.

With this in mind, Four Seasons announces its arrival at Triple Bay, which is set to be Saudi Arabia's premier luxury wellness destination on the northwestern coast, as part of the redevelopment of the Red Sea Region.

The forthcoming Four Seasons Resort and Residences AMAALA at Triple Bay promises to redefine luxury living with its blend of opulent accommodations and unparalleled wellness experiences, complemented by an expansive seascape.

The Four Seasons Resort and Residences AMAALA will feature 220 keys, including rooms, suites, and villas with private pools, along with 26 branded, luxury residential villas. Each room is set to be meticulously designed and positioned in order to offer panoramic views of the bay and the sea, ensuring a serene retreat for guests and residents.

"With uninterrupted views of the Hijaz Cove, Four Seasons Resort and Residences AMAALA at Triple Bay is designed to allow guests and residents to reconnect with nature, rejuvenating their mind, body, and soul," said CEO John Pagano of the new destination.

Aligned with AMAALA's ethos of sustainability and well-being, the resort will place wellness and self-care at its core; offer highly personalised wellness and spa itineraries alongside the Four Seasons For Good program, where guests can indulge in a range of therapeutic treatments and activities tailored to their well-being needs. Outdoor activities available onsite will be hiking, mountain biking, and golfing.

In addition to a luxury spa offering therapeutic wellness experiences such as halotherapy and cryotherapy, the resort will also provide guests with bespoke fitness programs in collaboration with renowned trainer Harley Pasternak.

The first phase of the AMAALA destination project is slated for completion by 2025, and promises visitors an unparalleled luxury experience. AMAALA will feature 12 unique, luxury resorts with more than 2,000 hotel keys, of varying accommodations including rooms, suites, beachside villas and overwater bungalows.