Insta-Worthy: Where to find these viral desert trampolines in Saudi

Insta-Worthy: Where to find these viral desert trampolines in Saudi

You've seen them all over your social feeds, but why are they there and where can you find them? We have all the answers
12 March 24
Everything you need to know about these viral desert trampolines Image source: Lance Gerber for Desert X

The influence of social media on our daily lives is undeniable, and truth be told, it's inescapable.

From discovering trendy coffee shops and breathtaking vacation destinations to being exposed to quirky activities you've never tried, social media is the one place we encounter an array of enticing experiences that spark our curiosity and drive us to explore.

If you're like us and spend almost too much time scrolling and saving, you probably have a growing collection of 'must-visit' Insta-worthy locations saved in a folder, as a kind of social media 'to-do list'.

So, we wanted to share one of our favourite recently saved, Insta-hyped locations and provide all the details on where you can find it (to save you the extra work!).

At the top of our list are these really cool (and oh-so-Instagrammable) trampolines set into the desert landscape of AlUla.

Wait, trampolines in the desert? Yes. Trampolines in the middle of the desert.

Take a look below:

Where can I find these viral desert trampolines?

This trampoline installation is located within the grounds of ultra-luxe desert retreat, Habitas AlUla.

And there is not just one, several trampolines of varying sizes can be found at Habitas AlUla, meaning that you and all your friends can all experience the magic and joy of bouncing on a trampoline in the desert. They even light up at night!

You'll be glad to know that visitors are encouraged to bounce and play, and take pictures.

What is the story behind these trampolines in the desert?

These fun and funky trampolines sit flush to the sandy floor of the desert, and were originally an artistic installation that was part of AlUla's Desert X contemporary art showcase in 2020. The installation proved so popular it has been maintained and remains in-situ today.

Created by Saudi artist and designer Manal AlDowayan, the interactive trampoline installation is named "Now You See Me, Now You Don't" and serves as an opportunity for visitors to reconnect with their inner child and find joy through play, something that is often left behind in our childhoods.

The size and positioning of the trampolines can also be interpreted as puddles calling our attention to reflect on the scarcity of water in places like the AlUla desert and other arid locations across Saudi Arabia.

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Habitas AlUla, AlUla 43570, Saudi Arabia

Video with thanks to Rob Ashman
Lead Image via Lance Gerber for Desert X