Sharaan Resort: where luxury meets sustainability in the heart of the desert

Sharaan Resort: where luxury meets sustainability in the heart of the desert

Situated in AlUla, the resort aims to create a memorable experience surrounded by nature's beauty and stunning architecture
31 March 24

Sharaan Resort aims to establish itself as a top global resort in the heart of AlUla, offering a sophisticated guest experience and impeccable service, all within the serene and isolated setting of an unspoiled desert landscape, showcasing its natural beauty in its purest form.

The Royal Commission of AlUla is currently developing a comprehensive resort that upholds sustainable practices, harmonizing with the delicate desert environment by minimizing its impact and respecting the unique character, ecology, and climate of the region.

The Resort is situated within the newly established Sharaan Nature Reserve, carefully selected for its striking natural features including towering cliffs, rugged plateaus, and breathtaking sand dunes in a secluded valley.

Jean Nouvel and his team were chosen via an exclusive international design competition to spearhead the resort's design.

The planned resort layout comprises guest suites, tented pavilions, resort villas, restaurants, and a spacious spa. It is part of an overarching masterplan that features an International Summit Centre destined to serve as a prominent global hub for world leaders to convene.

It will consist of 15 one-bedroom and 10 two-bedroom guest suites, along with 10 tented guest pavilions and 5 expansive resort villas ranging from 4 to 10 bedrooms each. It will also include 40 residential estates as part of its overall plan.