The List: Your ultimate guide to Saudi Arabia's NEOM

The List: Your ultimate guide to Saudi Arabia's NEOM

NEOM is an incredible giga-project that will redefine tourism with groundbreaking developments set to push boundaries on a global scale
04 April 24
The List: All the mega-projects planned for NEOM

Whether you reside in Saudi or beyond, the name NEOM likely resonates with you.

Yet, understanding this monumental project requires erasing any preconceived notions of what a desert destination should or might resemble.

What is NEOM?

Spanning 26,500 square kilometres, NEOM will host a myriad of cities, resorts, and pioneering developments. Renowned architects, urban planners, and designers from around the globe have been enlisted for the ambitious project, which is set to become one of the most desirable places to live, work, and vacation in the world. 

NEOM is a blueprint of the future, where values based on innovation and sustainability are reshaping conventional norms across society – from architectural design to economic progress. It’s a visionary endeavour unlike anything else on Earth, encapsulated in its motto: made to change. 

There are 16 planned developments altogether – four standalone regions, or cities, and 12 within the spectacular Gulf of Aqaba, winding through north-west Saudi and the Sinai Peninsula.

The four main regions are designed to revolutionise the future of living and commerce – integrating smart technologies, inspirational architecture, and cutting-edge approaches.

Meanwhile, the remaining 12 projects will feature bespoke hotels and residences within exclusive communities, setting new standards for innovative luxury and sustainable tourism.  

Four Regions

The Line

This mirrored linear city is an architectural marvel that is reinventing urbanism and understandably garnering vast media attention in the process. Originally planned to more than 170km long, the now revised plans, once complete will see The Line span approximately 2.5km in length, with a width of 200 metres and rise 500 metres above sea level. Hyper-connected, AI-enabled communities of up to nine million people will be powered by 100% clean energy here. The Line will boast pristine natural landscapes and be car and road-free, meaning emissions are completely eliminated. Instead, a high-speed rail network will provide a swift transit from end to end in just 20 minutes. 


Nestled amidst the mountains of Saudi’s Tabuk province, Trojena will cover nearly 60 sq km, with elevations that span from 1,500 to 2,600 metres above sea level. Scheduled for completion in 2026, it’s poised to become an iconic tourism destination, eventually welcoming 700,000 annual visitors. An exhaustive list of entertainment options includes 36km of ski slopes, a freshwater lake, chalets, ultra-luxury hotels, retail and dining spaces, over 100 indoor and outdoor activities, and a 3,000-seat mountainside amphitheatre. With sub-zero winter temperatures that make it ideal for winter sports, Trojena is already planned to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games. 


This development project is set to be the world's largest floating structure. Designs feature an octagonal port, including a cruise terminal and oceanographic research centre. The port city promises to redefine industrial development while preserving the environment and promoting a vibrant lifestyle for residents and visitors. Due to its location just south of the Suez Canal, which is a crucial trade route between Asia, Europe, and the east coast of the US, Oxagon will contribute significantly to Saudi 's regional trade and commerce. 


Crafted by LUCA DINI Design & Architecture, Sindalah is a lavish island that aims to host its first guests as early as 2024. With three grand hotels, 413 rooms, 88 villas, and 333 apartments surrounding a marina and golf courses, it promises to be the Red Sea's most exciting and attractive new luxury destination. 

The Mega-Projects

1. Zardun

This is a luxury ecotourism enclave that will feature three boutique hotels, each reflecting a distinct theme, all in harmony with nature. The vast landscapes of Zardun embody an Arabian oasis, with breathtaking vistas of mountains and the sea. Activities like trekking, stargazing, and yoga will deepen guests' connection with nature, while educational programmes will promote re-wilding and conservation. 

2. Xaynor 

A private members' beach club that will attract a unique community of the most fascinating people in the world, Xaynor is equal parts exclusive and glamorous. The tourist development is set within a valley and will have a series of pools, restaurants, and a spa. The design will be fully integrated into the surrounding landscape and include buildings topped with large rock-like forms. 

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3. Gidori

Gidori will serve as a private golf community along the coastal hills of the Gulf of Aqaba. A pyramid-like complex will offer panoramic views of the sea and house 190 luxury apartments and 200 individually designed private villas and homes. There will also be an 80-room boutique hotel, complete with a spa, gym, restaurants, pools, and a theatre. The 18-hole championship golf course will be accompanied by a clubhouse and golf academy for post-game enjoyment and expert coaching. 

4. Siranna

This stunning hexagonal-pillar-shaped hotel will blend into the mountainous landscape and be accessible solely by sea. Its 65-room hotel and 35 residences will integrate with the surroundings and honour local heritage in their design with an atmosphere that feels timeless, blending both history and modernity. Guests can expect 100 rooms and apartments, a beach club, dining, shops, and a spa.  

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5. Elanan

Sitting between rugged mountains and the sea, Elanan is destined to be a wellness-centred destination. Everything here will facilitate relaxation, balance, and connection with nature. A sunlit garden will provide a meditative spot for mindfulness, and an observation tower will allow visitors to take in 360-degree views. The site will offer 80 intricately designed rooms and suites, along with specialty restaurants, infinity pools, upscale boutiques, and serene nature trails. 

6. Norlana

This coastal yachting town imagined by 10 Design will house 3,000 residents. Featuring apartments and hotels encircling a 120-berth marina, waterfront living will take on a whole new meaning here. The marina will serve as the vibrant heart of the town and a community hotspot. It’s also primed to become the region’s top sporting destination, with an 18-hole golf course, equestrian club, and tennis club. 

7. Treyam

Treyam nabs a prime location at the southern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba, where turquoise waters meet golden sands. Its bridge-like architecture extends over the lagoon and houses 250 luxurious rooms where guests can relax and re-energise in out-of-this-world comfort. A 450-metre rooftop infinity pool will provide surreal views and the perfect spot to relax. There will be plenty of activities to dive into as well, from sailing and water sports to a luxury spa. 

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8. Aquellum

Aquellum will debut as the world's first floating marina, leading visitors through an underground canal into a stunning 100-metre-high courtyard. The development will house hotel accommodation, apartments, shops, and entertainment spaces, with The Generator at its core, offering unique research labs for disruptors and innovators from across industries. Described as an "ultra-luxury upside-down skyscraper," its innovative design defies convention, with inward-facing facades and an underwater square. 

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9. Utamo

Nestled within a mountain, Utamo will be an immersive events space and eclectic hub for the arts and entertainment. Nature and technology will work together to provide a multi-purpose performance venue, VIP lounges, and signature restaurants, all designed by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura. The entrance will be 64 metres high and adorned with staggered stone blocks for a truly cinematic experience from the moment guests arrive. 

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10. Leyja

Image via @discoverneom

Cementing NEOM’s commitment to ecotourism, Leyja winds inland from the Gulf of Aqaba, through 400-metre-high mountains to form a natural valley. Here, three hotels will offer completely distinct experiences: active adventure, exploration, and immersive wellness. Each of them will feature otherworldly design, from mirrored facades to a series of geometric forms that appear to rise magnificently from the rocky earth. 

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11. Epicon

Visitors can expect more visionary architecture with this shimmering oasis that stands out amidst the desert. The region will be home to the 55-room Epicon hotel and a more tranquil Epicon resort, with 120 rooms and 45 beach villas. A tourist hotspot, it will redefine coastal living for the future and feature two jagged skyscrapers designed by 10 Design. 

12. Discovery Tower

Discovery Tower is set to become the pinnacle of the Trojena region, and will include both residential and hotel accommodations, alongside an array of retail and culinary experiences. The icicle-like structure has been designed by famed architectural firm Zaha Hadid Architects, and the 330 metre tall building is set to be a focal point for the brand new Trojena region, which is expected to be completed by 2026.

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