Capturing Georgia's Charm: A journey of street style, serenity, the slopes, and stories of the past

Capturing Georgia's Charm: A journey of street style, serenity, the slopes, and stories of the past

We travel with List photographer Osama Jabarti through a destination he describes as filled with incredible moments, unique traditions, bustling street life, and striking nature
03 May 24
Discover the beauty of Georgia with Osama Jaberti

My passion has always led me to travel and explore new parts of the world.

I have visited many countries in Africa and Asia, but this time I decided to head north towards Europe, driven by an urge to discover a new destination that is still as connected as possible to street life. I have always reflected on the simple lifestyle embodied by different groups of people around the world.

With this in mind, I was on my way to Georgia.

Upon my arrival in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, I immediately set off to the city centre to explore. Honestly, I did not anticipate much out of this visit, but what I saw was truly beyond my expectations.

The city was alive with people, each with an individual spin on tasteful and elegant fashion, making it seem Tbilisi’s residents are walking a catwalk instead of a public street. I couldn't resist taking street style shots of the locals, who were naturals in front of my camera. I would see a smile on their faces when they noticed me.

I also visited Arab Street (Davit Agmashenebeli Avenue), which is in the centre, close to many historic and significant tourist spots.

I then headed towards the city of Mtskheta, which is about 20km north of Tbilisi. Still conservative and rural, it is located between the wonderful Aragvi and Kura rivers, boasting green spaces, including farms, mountains, and a rustic architectural style inspired by the region’s cultural heritage. Mtskheta is home to many ancient monuments, castles, and churches dating back to the 13th century, such as the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, which is of great historical importance to Christians, and the Jvari Monastery, a rare Georgian church from the Middle Ages still largely keeping its status.

With some registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994, a lot of Georgia's historic churches are located on mountaintops, making it hard to get there, especially with the rugged roads leading to them. But visiting was an experience worthy of grabbing the camera out.

I met many elderly people who found Mtskheta a peaceful haven of relaxation, away from the hustle of cities. The country houses are designed to allow greater contact with nature. I was really impressed by the residents, with many posing for me, like the shepherd alongside his dog, or the old man contemplating nature.

I then travelled towards northern Georgia, to the Gudauri region, for an alternative skiing experience, a completely new thing for me. I spent a few hours learning and then went for a first attempt, which was not very successful, but looking on the bright side, my pictures could be described as amazing.

The natural scenery framing the Caucasus Mountains, snowy slopes, and skiers is a wonderful and different world that deserves to be photographed. A local told me that during spring and summer, the mountainous area becomes completely different, with green dominating, while the sky is a clear blue and there’s a moderate climate.

My visit to Georgia came to an end with a memory card full of wonderful photos, recollections, and unforgettable adventures.

Saudi Arabian passport holders enjoy visa-free entry to Georgia
Georgia is a visa free destination for both Saudi Iqama holders and GCC residents

Riyadh - Tbilisi: 3 hours 20 minutes
Jeddah - Tbilisi: 3 hours 45 minutes