NEOM Bay Airport will use cutting edge tech for smoother travel experiences

NEOM Bay Airport will use cutting edge tech for smoother travel experiences

Embracing AI and the most modern technology, NEOM Bay Airport is primed to offer a seamless travel experience
06 May 24
NEOM Bay Airport

In recent years, biometrics and artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionised the travel industry, and more noticeably the average airport experience.

NEOM Bay Airport is set to stand out as a prime example of harnessing cutting-edge technology to ensure the ultimate efficiency for both passengers and airport operations. The airport will connect both domestic and international travellers with the Kingdom's most-talked about mega-city, NEOM.

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Biometrics in Travel

Used in various aspects of airports, including security and technology, biometrics and AI offer innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and passenger experience. Biometric technologies, such as facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprinting, and voice recognition, are increasingly being integrated into airport systems to verify travellers' identities securely and efficiently.

One of the most prominent applications of biometrics in airport security is facial recognition and fingerprint technology. By capturing and analysing passengers' facial features, airports can streamline various processes, including check-in, security screening, immigration, and even boarding. Facial recognition enables seamless identity verification, reducing wait times and enhancing security measures by eliminating potential human error. Additionally, biometric boarding gates allow passengers to board flights quickly by simply scanning their faces, reducing the need for boarding passes and physical documents.

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AI in Travel

AI plays a crucial role in processing and analysing vast amounts of data collected through biometric systems. AI algorithms can detect anomalies, identify potential security threats, and flag suspicious behaviours in real-time, enabling airport authorities to respond promptly to potential security incidents. Moreover, AI-powered predictive analytics can forecast passenger traffic, optimise resource allocation, and improve operational efficiency at airports.

Combining and harnessing the most advanced tech systems, including cutting-edge, enhanced AI and biometric processes, NEOM Bay Airport will employ contactless eGates in its passport control procedures. These eGates will see high resolution cameras capture and recognise travellers by matching their features with their travel and immigration documentation.