Set on an island, this new 18-hole golf course will have expansive views over the Red Sea

Set on an island, this new 18-hole golf course will have expansive views over the Red Sea

Championing both luxury and sustainability, the newly announced Shura Links is already drawing the attention of the golfing world
07 May 24
شورى لينكس المصدر: إنستغرام redseaglobal

A new 18-hole golf course planned for Red Sea island destination, Shura Island.

Red Sea Global has officially revealed the designs for its highly anticipated golf course and clubhouse on Shura Island. Set to be completed and fully operational by 2025, Shura Links will be Saudi Arabia’s very first 18-hole golf course set on an island.

Shura Links will offer golfers a unique and breathtaking experience unlike any other in the region.

Notably, Shura Links has been designed by famed golf course architect Brian Curley. As the name might suggest the golf course will be designed as a links course, one of the most famous and challenging golf course designs, links courses are usually built on sandy ground, along a coastline. Links courses are favoured for their additional challenges such sea breezes, and hard, solid ground.

Taking on a championship length of 7500 yards, Shura Links will offer multiple tee positions at each hole to cater to golfers of all skill levels, including professionals. Almost every hole on the course will showcase the serene beauty of the Red Sea, holes four to seven will be dotted along the coastline, providing golfers (and non-golfers) with stunning views of the Red Sea, while holes 14 to 18 will offer a dramatic finish against the backdrop of the sea.

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Supporting the pillars of Vision 2030, the Shura Links course and clubhouse has been designed in collaboration with leading environmental consultants, to ensue the course will adhere to strict sustainability standards. The course developers and its caretakers will work with hi-tech systems that will monitor and enhance water conservation and environmental preservation.

The course will minimise water consumption through innovative irrigation technology and special turf grass selection, ensuring that the course maintains a lush and vibrant appearance while also reducing its environmental impact. Additionally, only 20 percent of the 140-hectare site will be dedicated to maintained turf, allowing for the preservation of the island's natural environment and re-wilding.

Red Sea Global is also committed to preserving the island's natural habitat, with plans to develop a habitat development and protection plan to support wildlife on the island. This includes exploring the potential of using the course’s irrigation system to foster mangrove growth, further enhancing the island's ecological diversity.

In addition to the golf course, Shura Links will feature a modern, chic clubhouse designed by Foster + Partners, mimicking the overall design employed across Shura Island of the coral bloom.

Overall, Shura Links represents a groundbreaking development in Saudi Arabia's burgeoning golfing scene.

Shura Links & Shura Links Clubhouse are slated to open in 2025