Travel by teleportation is now a real thing... almost

Travel by teleportation is now a real thing... almost

This creative, interactive public art installation allows for cultural exchange and trans-Atlantic travel in an instant
08 May 24
ذا بورتل بوابة السفر الفوري، مصدر الصورة: إنستغرام portals_org

Click your fingers and you've arrived.

Instant transportation or teleportation is the travel hack we've dreamed of since childhood, and now (to a certain extent) it has become a reality. Art installation meets futuristic travel, meets advanced technology and human connectivity: this is 'The Portal'.

This innovative public installation stands as a testament to the profound impact of art and the intrinsic value of human connection, transcending physical boundaries, time zones, and even passport control. 'The Portal' will serve as a conduit for real-time interaction between two historically linked and iconic cities: Dublin, Ireland, and New York City.

Creating a window into another distant location, The Portal is ultimate intersection between art and travel, making instant travel and teleportation a reality through modern technology and live stream, interactive video.

Created by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys, the interconnectivity of 'The Portal' has been designed to remove and transcend the barriers to travel — cost, travel, time zones and even annual leave — inviting and allowing individuals to experience a new city, broaden their horizons and connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The New York City installation of 'The Portal' will be placed at the Flatiron South Public Plaza, next to the famous Flatiron Building at the intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street. In Dublin, 'The Portal' will be strategically placed facing one of the city's main streets, O' Connell Street, offering a glimpse of the iconic GPO building and the world's tallest free-standing public art piece, The Spire.

The real, 24-hour livestream aspect of The Portal allows for cultural exchange, and a quasi travel experience for the public, in both locations.