Jaumur: NEOM's newest residential destination will pivot on thriving marina lifestyle

Jaumur: NEOM's newest residential destination will pivot on thriving marina lifestyle

Set to be an active residential destination offering the perfect balance between land and sea, life at Jaumur will centre around the impressive marina
09 May 24
مشهد من مخطط جاومور، خليج العقبة، نيوم Image source: إنستغرام discoverneom

Announced just this week, NEOM's Gulf of Aqaba region is set to get a brand new residential district - Jaumur.

Destined to become a thriving cosmopolitan, coastal community set around a vibrant and impressive marina, Jaumur aims to offer visitors and residents the ideal balance between outdoor activities and community experience.

The exclusive residential destination will of course be home to the highest quality, crafted on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, this expansive cosmopolitan luxury community is meticulously designed to embody the pinnacle of contemporary living, fostering an active and vibrant lifestyle for its residents.

Plans are for Jaumur embodies an exclusive residential enclave, meticulously planned around a captivating marina, accommodating over 6,000 residents. Nestled amidst the diverse terrain of the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, it comprises 500 marina apartments and nearly 700 luxury villas, offering direct access to the waterfront and private docking facilities.

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Within Jaumur, visitors will be able to stay at one of the two destination hotels. These two hotels will provide 350 opulent rooms and suites with panoramic views. Jaumur will be the ideal destination to embrace contemporary coastal hospitality and explore water and land based recreational activities.

At the heart of Jaumur lies its marina, a bustling hub that fosters a vibrant community spirit. Dominating the landscape is a monumental 1.5-kilometre aerofoil structure, towering above the expansive yacht berths, offering year-round protection for yacht owners and a sanctuary for residents and visitors alike.

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The distinctive architectural design of Jaumur seamlessly blends water with golden sands, where the azure hues of the Gulf of Aqaba meet.

This architectural marvel features a gravity-defying cantilever, creating a striking entrance to the marina and accommodating the world's largest superyachts. Serving as a landmark, the sculptural structure provides a focal point for marina activities and caters to yachting enthusiasts and adventurers seeking bespoke experiences.

Jaumur, Gulf of Aqaba, NEOM