Saudi invites visitors to discover the Kingdom's most refreshing destinations

Saudi invites visitors to discover the Kingdom's most refreshing destinations

Over the next four months, the 'Saudi Summer is Next Door' campaign will encourage both local and international tourists to explore the cooler wonders of the Kingdom
22 May 24
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Together with His Excellency Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al Khateeb, the Saudi Tourism Authority have announced a new summer campaign for Saudi.

Slated to begin in June, and run through to September, the 'Saudi Summer is Next Door' campaign will invite local, regional and international tourists to discover all that the Kingdom has to offer. The comprehensive summer initiative will span seven captivating Saudi destinations and feature over 550 remarkable tourism offerings.

Saudi Summer is Next Door

The campaign's namesake slogan 'Saudi Summer is Next Door' serves as a warm invitation to discover the cooler areas of the Kingdom.

Encouraging visitors to explore the off-beat destinations and the see the awe-inspiring diversity of Saudi, the campaign activations will run under several banners such as 'Closer', 'Cooler', 'More Beautiful' and 'More Affordable', showcasing the best of each region.

The summer program promises an array of family-friendly activities and events across seven destinations in the Kingdom including Al Baha, AlUla, Aseer, Jeddah, the Red Sea (a new addition), Riyadh, and Taif.

Events and Activations for the Whole Family

After a successful winter and spring for the extended Riyadh Season, the Saudi Summer is Next Door campaign will see the welcomed return of Jeddah Season, and the debut of the Aseer Season, both seasons will feature an impressive lineup of engaging experiences and must-visit events.

Events and activities tailored to cater to families and children across diverse segments, including adventure enthusiasts, luxury seekers, and culture aficionados, the program boasts over 150 special offers and packages in family friendly resorts.

Adding to the excitement, throughout the summer Saudi Arabia is set to host some of the biggest and most dynamic events as part of this summer program. Among these events will be the the inaugural Esports World Cup taking place in in Riyadh, marking the first-ever eight-week competition showcasing the world's elite Esports athletes to take place in the Kingdom.

Additionally, multiple boxing and high-octane sporting tournaments will take place in both Riyadh and Jeddah, further enhancing the country's ever-growing calendar of events this summer.

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Visit Visas for Saudi

The launch of the Saudi Summer Program 2024 coincides with ongoing efforts by the Ministry of Tourism to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of visiting Saudi Arabia. These efforts include initiatives such as expanding the availability of the eVisa to citizens of 66 countries, reducing the total cost of the eVisa by 20%.

This summer also sees an increase in the number of flights to and from Gulf cities from the Kingdom, a number of newly introduced links to European cities and the reintroduction of flight paths from various Saudi airports to London Heathrow.

Additionally, those residing and working across the GCC states can take advantage of the GCC residents visa, which allows for multiple entries and a stay of up to 90 days in Saudi Arabia within a year.

Vision 2030 and Tourism Trends

Embracing Saudi's position as a trending vacation destination for MENA travellers and topping the 2023 UN World Tourism List after the Kingdom saw a remarkable 56% increase in international tourist numbers versus 2019, the 'Saudi Summer is Next Door' campaign will only serve to further solidify the nation's position as a growing hub of culture and tourism.

In line with the pillars of Vision 2030, the Kingdom is committed to advancing its tourism sector — locally, regionally and internationally — which includes providing unparalleled experiences and events for visitors from around the world.

Saudi Summer is Next Door,
From June to September