When in Rome: 5 weekly return flights will link Riyadh and the Italian capital

When in Rome: 5 weekly return flights will link Riyadh and the Italian capital

From June, Italy's national airline, ITA will launch a new direct route linking Rome to Riyadh, with another direct flight path from Rome to Jeddah planned for later this summer
29 May 24
Trevi Fountain, Rome Image source: Unsplash: Michele Bitetto

Connecting two ancient capital cities, Riyadh residents hoping to visit Rome this summer will be delighted with the announcement of a regular, weekly service between the two cities.

Inaugurated in November 2020, Italian Airways (ITA) is recognised as the official airline of Italy, and it will introduce a brand new, direct air route between Riyadh and Rome from June 2. Whilst a link between Jeddah and Rome will be launched later this summer, taking off in August.

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Riyadh & Rome

Although this will not a new flight path for airline travellers, the increased frequency of the flights between Rome from Riyadh will make the European city a viable option for vacations and getaways this summer.

This route will be an uninterrupted, direct flight route is set to take off from June 2, with an estimated flight time of 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Operating five return flights between the two cities all throughout the week, this direct flight route with ITA has been confirmed to operate throughout the summer months, and into the winter, through until March of 2025.

Rome - RiyadhJune 2 - October 25, 2024: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
October 27 - March 28, 2025: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Riyadh - RomeJune 2 - October 26, 2024: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
October 28 - March 29, 2025: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Details via ita-aiways.com

Jeddah & Rome

Again, a Rome-Jeddah flight route is not new, but with many flights needing a connection, these three, direct return flights per week from the Red Sea City, will open up the European city to Saudi tourists, and introduce European visitors to the historic trading port of Jeddah.

These new, direct flight routes between Rome and Jeddah are set to take off from August 1, with an estimated flight time of 5 hours.

Rome - JeddahAugust 1 - October 26, 2024: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 
October 29 - March 29, 2025: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Jeddah - RomeAugust 2 - October 25, 2024: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
October 27 - March 28, 2025: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Details via ita-aiways.com

Explore more with ITA

For those hoping to explore more of Mediterranean country, ITA has a number of regular flight schedules to a varied selection of Italian cities such as Bari, Bologna, Brindisi, Cagliari, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Lamezia Terme, Milan Linate, Naples, Palermo, Reggio Calabria, Rome Fiumicino, Trieste, Turin and Venice.

New direct flight paths have also been established between Italy and various cities around the world including Toronto in Canada, Accra in Ghana and Chicago in the United States.

Aiming to ensure Italy's historic destinations of Rome and Milan are linked with the most significant travel hubs and countries around the world, ITA have a whole host of routes available to its customers, which are now bookable online. Currently ITA connects Milan and Rome with over 40 destinations regionally and internationally, and this is set to grow to 74 destinations with 90 routes by 2025.