Abha International Airport will be the Kingdom's first 'silent airport'

Abha International Airport will be the Kingdom's first 'silent airport'

The new-age airport will embrace a quieter and less stressful travel experience by eliminating routine public announcements and focusing on digital communication
30 May 24
Saudi's First Silent Airport

Although not yet open, Abha International Airport is set to make a groundbreaking debut as Saudi Arabia's first silent airport.

This innovative approach will cut out routine public announcements like boarding calls, last calls and terminal wide calls for passengers, aiming to creating a peaceful and less stressful environment for travellers.

Although the lean towards 'silent airports' is not new, very few international airports have implemented the practices. Some major international airports have already implemented a silent airport, including Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, Singapore's Changi Airport, Dubai International Airport and Zurich International, Abha International aims to set a new standard in the region.

Instead of the usual loudspeaker announcements, all flight information will be displayed on screens throughout the terminal and at boarding gates. The idea behind silent airports is to reduce noise pollution, fostering a calmer for those with sensory issues, and will create a more relaxing environment for all passengers.

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To ensure a smooth transition, Abha International Airport will launch an extensive awareness campaign. Travellers will find multilingual information boards and electronic notices dotted throughout the airport explaining the new silent protocols.

A specialised voice call system will be introduced, reserved exclusively for emergencies or critical updates such as flight cancellations, lost children or perhaps significant or last minute delays.

The month of May has seen plenty of travel news hit the headlines for the Kingdom; this announcement comes after the news that NEOM Bay Airport will adopt cutting edge technology to allow for a better travel experience for visitors, and the news first Saudi cruise line will set sail in December. Other announcements have included new flight routes linking the Kingdom to Europe, and the resumption of a popular, direct flight path to London.