The sunniest city in Europe has direct flights from Saudi, but where is it?

The sunniest city in Europe has direct flights from Saudi, but where is it?

Sun drenched, seaside and Spanish; according to weather data, the city of Malaga has topped the charts as the sunniest city in Europe
31 May 24
رحلات مباشرة من السعودية إلى ملقة الإسبانية، المصدر: Unsplash

Thinking about traveling to Europe this summer?

Let this article inspire you to book your tickets and explore the sun-drenched Spanish city that gets the most hours of sun in Europe.

According to a data research project actioned by Holidu, a vacation rental portal, the Spanish city of Malaga is officially the sunniest destination in Europe. On average, the sun shines for more than 280 hours a month in the Spanish city, and temperatures sit at a comfortably warm 18.8 degrees Celsius on average.

Europe is a popular summer destination for many people living the Middle East; many countries offer an enjoyable yet more temperate climate, scenic views, wide selection of food and of course, offers travellers an undeniable escape from the searing summer temperatures and excessive humidity of the region.

A vibrant city on Spain’s Costa del Sol, touching the edges of the Mediterranean, Malaga is renowned for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and thriving art scene. The city is the birthplace of internationally renowned figures of the 20th century art scene, Picasso Picasso and Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas. Visitors can enjoy the blend of modern attractions and ancient landmarks, such as the Alcazaba fortress and the Roman Theatre.

Travel to Malaga from Saudi

From June 7, Saudia will operate a direct flight route twice a week to the sunny Spanish city from Riyadh's King Khalid International. Just 7 hours from the Kingdom's capital city, the sunniest city in Europe awaits. Discover more direct European routes from Saudi, here. @saudi_airlines

Things To Do In Malaga

Art & Culture

A hub of creativity and a city inspired by art, Malaga offers the perfect opportunities for culture vultures to explore the ancient and also discover the works of Malaga's most famous artist, Pablo Picasso. With a large number of the renowned surrealist' pieces on display to the public, visitors can learn more about Picasso, his art and sculpture at the Museo Picasso Malaga, a museum dedicated to his art and life.

The Malaga Centre for Contemporary Art and the Pompidou Centre are also popular destinations for those seeking a unique take on the city's culture.

Open to the public to visit, the towering outline of the Malaga Cathedral adorns postcards and Instagram shots. Visitors can admire the Renaissance-era architecture and intricate interior of this grand cathedral, which is often referred to as 'La Manquita'.

A palatial, ancient Roman fort (alcazaba) sits on the edges of the city, the Malaga Alcazaba is now an impressive moment, but is considered to be one of the most beautiful alcazabas in the world and is home to one of the most intact and accessible ancient amphitheatres in Europe. Stemming from the Arabic term ‘Al-qasbah’, the name of large, ancient structure refers to a fortified palace within a walled town.


High Quality Dining

Delicious, fresh and local Andalusian dishes are available on almost every corner of Malaga city, particularly in the form of tapas or pinchos. With affordable prices, tables are encouraged to pick a number of different dishes to try as these bites are made to be shared. Should you be looking for a dining experience that a little more unique, and high-end, the city is also home to two Michelin Star restaurants in the city: Kaleja and José Carlos García.

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Perched on the aqua blue shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the city sits right on the beach. With the Med at your feet, and views of the mountain ranges behind, the free public beach is the perfect spot to enjoy a walk, lie back with a book or sit nearby to enjoy a coffee.