You can experience a night in Cristiano Ronaldo's chosen Red Sea resort for SAR4900

You can experience a night in Cristiano Ronaldo's chosen Red Sea resort for SAR4900

Only accessible by sea-plane, we tell you exactly what it is like to stay in Ronaldo's go-to resort, The St. Regis Red Sea Resort
05 June 24
كريستيانو رونالدو يمضي أوقاتاً ممتعة برفقة عائلته في منتجع سانت ريجيس البحر الأحمر، المصدر: إنستغرام georginagio Image source: IG

Want to stay at the same Red Sea resort Cristiano Ronaldo did? Well, you can. And we did.

The Red Sea is luring discerning travellers with its promise of unparalleled luxurious accommodations, crystal clear waters and top-class amenities.

The region's pristine beaches bathed in sunshine, and the turquoise waters are teeming with marine life and protective corals, and there are now a selection of opulent resorts ready to cater to your every whim.

Move over, Bora Bora and Maldives, this tropical escape on Saudi's Red Sea coastline offers the same level of indulgence and tranquility, but with the added bonus of being just a short flight away from Riyadh and Jeddah. It's the perfect blend of luxury and accessibility.

Which resort did Cristiano Ronaldo choose in the Red Sea region recently?

Sharing photos on social media, the family's most recent visit to the Red Sea saw them stay at The St. Regis Red Sea Resort for the second time this year.

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort officially opened its doors in January 2024, welcoming its first guests to experience the beauty of Ummahat Island. Perched on a secluded archipelago that borders the famous Blue Hole atoll off the coast of Red Sea, there are just 90 exclusive and private villas in resort, making it the ideal close-by getaway for celebrities and those seeking serenity alike.

Although the famous football forward is originally from Portugal, and his partner Georgina Rodríguez is Spanish-Argentinian, the duo and their young family have become some of Riyadh's most famous locals. Now playing for Al Nassr, and Captain in the Saudi Pro League, Ronaldo and Rodríguez have embraced Saudi Arabia as their home - even choosing to explore more of the Kingdom for holidays.

Captioned 'Family Mood' and 'My World', Georgina published two carousel posts to her Instagram account, sharing pictures of the aqua blue water, the white sandy beaches and unmatched island sunsets, alongside more intimate shots of family swimming and playing in the private pool, indulging in-room spa treatments and even playing padel.

Having visited the Red Sea destination numerous times before, it is clear that this is a go-to, and much loved vacation destination for the young family.

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Can I stay at The St. Regis Red Sea Resort?

Booking a stay at a lavish and exclusive island resort — especially one chosen by one of the world's most famous footballers — might seem a little far-fetched to average holidaymaker, but the reality is, in Saudi Arabia the same indulgent experience is just a click and a quick flight away.

So, simply put, yes you can also stay at The St. Regis Red Sea Resort just like Ronaldo. Rates for a stay at The St. Regis Red Sea Resort begin from SAR5400 per night this month, and from SAR4900 for the summer months.

What is it like to stay at The St. Regis Red Sea Resort?

From the moment you step onto the property, you too will feel just like Ronaldo. In typical St. Regis fashion, after check in and a refreshing welcome beverage, your private butler will whisk you away to your chosen villa in a golf cart.

Boasting nine different types of villas, including both beach side properties, including those Instagrammable over-water bungalows, The St. Regis ensures that each guest can experience the utmost privacy and exclusivity.

Pivoting on sustainability, the resort prioritises the use of eco-friendly materials in the building of the villas and sustainably sourced ingredients in the dining establishments, whilst also providing environmentally sustainable water sports and activities such as e-boarding, windsurfing to paddling in a glass-bottom canoe.

From your own private pool and decking area, to the tranquility of the resort's luxury spa, a seemingly endless selection of dining experiences and a myriad of water sports and aqua adventures, your stay at The St. Regis Red Sea Resort can be what you want it to be.

Whether you're travelling with your other half, looking for a luxurious family getaway, or hoping to see a different side to Saudi, this island escape could be exactly the vacation experience you've been searching for. And, if its good enough for Ronaldo to visit twice (so far), we reckon The St. Regis Red Sea Resort will exceed all your expectations.

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort is the whole package.

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Prices for June 2024 start from SAR5390 p/n
Prices for July, August & September 2024 start from SAR4900 p/n

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