The List: Visa free destinations for Saudi travellers

The List: Visa free destinations for Saudi travellers

World wide travel is easier than ever for Saudi passport holders, with more than 50 destinations offering visa free travel
07 June 24
Visa free travel destinations for Saudi Passport holders Image source: Unsplash Jakob Owens

Planning a getaway can sometimes be a little stressful, especially when it comes to applying for and getting visas approved.

Luckily, for Saudi passport holders there are a wealth of visa-free destinations waiting to be discovered.

For anyone hoping to take a last minute vacation, these destinations are ideals. Explore new cities, relax on dreamy beaches, embrace a new culture and delve into local cuisine – all without the hassle of traditional (and long) visa procedures.

This is all the inspiration you need to get booking your next vacation, without having to think about a long application process for a visit visa.

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CountryDuration of Visa Free StayDetails
Albania90 daysFrom Mar 6 - Dec 31, 2024 only
Angola30 days
Barbados90 days
Belarus30 days
Belize30 days
Botswana90 days
Dominica21 days
Ecuador90 days
Egypt180 days
El Salvador90 days
Gabon30 days
GeorgiaUp to 360 days
Guatemala90 days
Haiti90 days
Honduras90 days
Hong Kong30 days
Iran90 daysIntroduced Dec 2023
Jordan90 days
Kazakhstan30 days
Kenya90 daysIntroduced Dec 2023
Kiribati90 days
Kosovo90 daysFrom Mar 6 - Dec 31, 2024 only
Kyrgyzstan60 days
Lebanon180 days
Malaysia90 days
Mauritius90 days
Micronesia30 days
Morocco90 days
Mozambique30 days
New Zealand90 daysIntroduced 2019
Nicaragua90 days
Panama90 days
The Philippines30 days
St Kitts & Nevis90 days
The Seychelles90 days
Singapore30 daysIntroduced June 2023
South Africa90 daysIntroduced 2019
South Korea30 daysIntroduced May 2022
St Vincents & Grenadines90 days
Suriname90 days
Syria90 days
Tajikistan30 days
Thailand30 daysIntroduced 2022
Turkey90 daysIntroduced Dec 2023
Ukraine90 days
United Arab Emirates
Uzbekistan90 days
Vanatu30 days
Zambia90 days
This list is correct at time of writing