Riyadh Air uniforms unveiled at Paris Fashion Week - and we were the first to see

Riyadh Air uniforms unveiled at Paris Fashion Week - and we were the first to see

A wave of excitement rippled through Paris Fashion Week last night as Riyadh Air, the new Saudi Arabian airline, unveiled its crew uniforms on the catwalk
28 June 24
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Amidst the usual whirlwind of excitement at Paris Fashion Week, a moment of historic significance unfolded last night as the new uniform collection for Riyadh Air was unveiled on the catwalk.

With its maiden flight slated for early 2025, Riyadh Air is making waves even before it takes to the skies.

The mastermind behind the crew collection is none other than Mohammed Ashi of the Paris based Ashi Studios, a renowned Saudi Arabian fashion house known for its luxury creations and the ability to seamlessly blend modern aesthetics and shapes with quality fabrics.

It was late into the evening as fashion insiders eagerly awaited the official reveal, curious to see how Ashi Studios would interpret the airline's ethos of luxury and exceptional service into a functional and stylish uniform.

As the lights dimmed, a collection emerged that both surprised and defied expectations: sleek lines and tailored silhouettes combined with luxurious fabrics and subtle nods to the chic crew uniforms of the 1950s - all in the airline's signature colour, a deep and rich violet purple. The original glamour of cabin crew uniforms has been revived.

For female crew members, the onboard uniform will feature a modern, tailored high, boatneck jacket with elbow length sleeves, paired with a fashionable pencil skirt to below the knee. Whilst the boarding uniform will include a pillbox hat, leather gloves and a tailored woollen jacket with a traditional-inspired detail over the left shoulder, also coming to below the knee in length. Trousers will also be an added option for female crew members.

Male crew members will sport a more traditional uniform of a sophisticated, tailored purple suit with the latest trend of a double-breasted closure, with a matching tie and shirt in the brand's signature shade. A higher neck, kimono-style jacket will also be available for male cabin crew to choose as part of their uniform. Captains will wear an industry-standard black suit, with double breasted detail and a crisp white shirt, coupled with the four-stripe captain's insignia on the shoulder and the wrist.

The overall impact of the uniform unveiling was one of elegant sophistication, perfectly capturing the essence of both Riyadh Air and Ashi Studios' design philosophy.

This innovative collaboration sets a new standard for airline uniforms.

The unveiling of the Riyadh Air uniform collection wasn't just a big deal for the new Saudi Arabian airline, it marked a major step forward for the Kingdom's burgeoning fashion scene. In the last eighteen months the Kingdom and Saudi designers have continued to make significant progress in solidifying the nation as a growing and serious contender as the Middle East's fashion hub.